The Brief: First Transportation is a company that makes and runs luxury monorails emphasizing performance. Their target audience is business and city commuters. Their brand wants to convey a sense of high-quality service and security while at the same time being inexpensive.

Deliverables: Create a total branding package. This includes creating an appropriate brand name, a consistent visual system, and a logo. Other deliverables include a logo animation, website homepage design, brand voice examples, and messaging through advertising. 
The logo design is supposed to resemble a shield crest. The reason for the design choice is that shields symbolize security and nobility. These choices were made to help the brand reinforce the message that its customers are being cared for in the best possible way. 
The goal of the color and typography was to create the feeling of a tech company to further the brand's strategy. Tech companies are often linked to ideas of innovation and being cutting-edge. The brand messaging overall wants to emphasize its performance and security. 

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