Client: Big Boy, an American restaurant chain, that has been around since 1936, that specializes in burgers, breakfast, and diner food.

Problem: The Big Boy brand isn't appealing to younger audiences, and isn't retaining its longer-term audience, because it hasn't been able to adapt to the new market trends. In order to remain competitive and use contemporary business strategies (online ordering, app features, online advertising) the brand needs a facelift to become more functional across different media. 

Solution: Redesign the brand identity to be more functional across contemporary media, and retain the retro aesthetic as a brand differentiator.

Project Goals: Show visual design problem-solving process, execution of brand systems, and brand voice. 
Mood Board
Logo Design
The previous logo was static, not designed to break down in scale, and be a functional tool for the brand. This new logo's goal is to reference 1920s animation characters and to be more simple and geometric. This redesign allows the character to be not only more versatile but allows for more movement and expression.

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