My Role: Spearhead + managed the campaign in art direction, graphic design, motion design, and print/digital asset production.
Challenge: The project needed to be completed within an 11-day timeline, and had to balance the needs of three brands in the creative direction. The responsibilities included generating the creative concept, presenting, refining, and producing all the assets for the 360 pre-release campaign. As well as coordinating international printing + retail set-up for the New York, London, Japan, and Hong Kong locations. 
Solution: The approach was to keep the design simple and elevated. Using neutral colors, such as blacks, grays, and whites, creates a feeling of luxury, exclusivity, and uniformity so no brand stands outOverall, the pieces of each decision were meant to upscale the experience of this pre-release. 

Brief: In alignment with her upcoming album release, Doja Cat is partnering with Skechers to release a chunky, Y2K-inspired silhouette. The plan is to leverage StockX for an exclusive pre-release to create energy, excitement, and awareness to drive customer demand and sales. 
Target Audience: Fashion-forward Millennials and Gen Z consumers aged 18-35 with disposable income—particularly those passionate about music and celebrity culture residing in urban centers globally. 
Goal: Make StockX's brand into the stage to drive energy around the product, leading into the wider launch and Doja Cat’s album. Leverage existing assets to incorporate into the brand and marketing for the 360 integrated marketing campaign. This includes but is not limited to social, web, retail support, billboard/signage, and other printed material. ​​​​​​​

Campaign Hero Video
Desktop and Mobile Banners
Digital Campaign Performance 
Impressions: 4,333,522
Clicks: 40,882
CTR: 0.7%
During the pre-release week of the Skechers x Doja Cat, the website performance of these banners was among the best-performing banners of that week. In particular, the launch. The first teaser assets were in the top 5 best-performing assets on the site that week. Across all verticals of secondary sizes and mobile applications, Skechers x Doja Cat performed well across the board. Overall, the campaign achieved performance results of 4.3 million impressions and 40k clicks with a 0.7% average click-through rate.
Insert Card + Social Media
Secondary Video with Red Hand-print Shoes
To also help promote Doja's new Album, Skechers and Doja created a limited run of red hand-print shoes. 1 in 25 customers, when placing their order, will receive a unique pair during this already limited pre-release of the shoes. 
Retail Print + Digital Displays
Copywriting: Elhadji Mare
Photography: Skechers Marketing Team
IG Reels: Nicholas Dean

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