Background: StockX wanted to capitalize on the celebration of Air Max (and days prior) by highlighting the impact that the sneaker has had on the sneaker world since its inception by celebrating this iconic moment through giveaways, promos, blogs, social videos/photos, and more.

Audience: New & Repeat Customers, Air Max lovers, Women/Men/Sneakerheads, & US/EMEA Audience.

Goal: Develop a visual style of a campaign to differentiate it from regular StockX content but still stay within the brand style and messaging. The other objectives of this campaign are to highlight products and evoke nostalgia for Air Max's history. 

My Role: Conceptual Development, Graphic Design, Motion Design, and Production Artist.

Mood Boards & Explorations
My role in this campaign was developing the look and feel with the art director. After creating a series of mood boards, I decided to go in three directions. The first one relied on more organic shapes and a graffiti feel, the second was based on 3D and textures, and the final was on typography. 
We ultimately decided to lean into the typographic direction because it fit the brief better and let the product easily be more of the focus in each of the assets. 

Mobile Banners
Instagram Stories
Desktop Page Banners
Thumbnail Banners

Art Direction: Monica Dubray
Other Design & Production: Melissa Elliott-Orndorf, Heliena Hagos, Monica Dubray

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