Derek Desormeaux
(BFA) in Graphic Design – Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University 
I am a Digital Designer with five-plus years of industry experience. With my social media management and strategy background, I specialize in Corporate Identity, Motion Graphics, and Digital Campaigns. As a professional, I want to lead teams to bring more strategic and quality work to the forefront. 
Many companies have raised the bar in terms of design in the 21st century; almost every brand looks professional, clean, and safe, and what's going to make them stand out are the ones who want to make people feel something. The work needs to speak to the culture of the audience's lives and add to the conversation to be interesting. People buy what they feel; the best brands focus on those emotions. I hope to do that with my work and bring that perspective to any team I am on.
When not working as a designer, I volunteer for AIGA Chicago as a board member. I often mentor other AIGA Chicago and Kirtland Community College creatives by hosting physical workshops and creating online content to help support new designers. When not designing, my other interests are making art for my personal Instagram and going to concerts. 
Thank you for looking at my work and downloading my resume.
StockX - Brand Designer
August 2022 - Present
Ddm Marketing & Communications 
- Multi-Media Designer
July 2021 - August 2022
M-Industries - Graphic Designer
2021 - January to July
Travilous - Social Media Marketing Intern
2020 - August to October
VanderWall - Marketing Intern
2020 - March to August
Kendall College of Art & Design 
- In-House Designer
September 2019 to May 2020
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